Episode 3: Ache-Ache Pant-Pant! The Stressful Final Battle!

Alone in her room, Hasumi is depressed. And no big wonder, that; he couldn't protect her brother when he needed it, and she's lost her sword to boot. Kasumi walks in and tells her to spend more time on her brains and less on her... er... bust. Anyway, after a small talk, Hasumi makes another attempt to summon her Masamune, and winds up with a mop...

Later. Takumi's at his locker, Hime as usual tagging behind him. Hime asks him if he likes anyone (of course, Hasumi manages to wander on by at this point), and he replies that he's sorry, but yes, there IS someone. Hime insists that of course it couldn't be that old windbag his sister, and he slowly replies, "No..." and goes on to say that the person he loves isn't his sister. This of course tears Hasumi's little heart apart.

In the city, the Dark World is starting to take hold. People in the streets become fearful monsters, their minds warped and twisted by the massive amount of evil nearby. The major Remnants (Aoi, Murasaki, etc.) rally the new masses, and order them to kill all humans, the Key included. Also in the city, Kazuma is buying some cha for Chiryuu, who's hiding in a freezer. When He climbs out and comments that it's too cold in there. When Kazuma asks him why he was in there in the first place, he says that it's too hot outside. They start talking about Takumi...

who's in his room cleaning up. Hasumi thinks he's doing this to prepare for his suicide to close the gate, and says so. He replies that she's just being weird. I forget why, but they start looking through a photo album. Hasumi sees one of some resort and declares that it would be safe for them there, that the Remnants would never find them. Her plans to steal him and elope, however, are dragged to a screeching halt when an earthquake occurs.

Kasumi vaults up the stairs to tell the kids that the Remnants are here, and adds that they're to see the superintendant at the campus. She shows them a hidden passage in the kitchen. She tells them to go on, staying behind to take on the Remnants. When they're gone, her cheerfulness dissolves, and she begins to cry.

Somehow, somewhere, probably in that hidden passage, Hasumi's changed into a wedding dress. She's dragged Takumi onto her motorcycle and roars through the streets of the town, where the citizens are causing the Remnants a little pain; a dropped safe here, some attacking ramen noodles there, and some porno books (?!) here.. The two blaze by, battle a remnant of their own, and then meet Kazuma. Hasumi ignores him and keeps going. Insert scene at the school, where Tenkuu is telling Hime that if he doesn't survive, she'll have to be the one who assists Takumi at the sealing of the Gate. Takumi, however, has worries of his own as he and Hasumi crash into a dead end, another oddball Remnant (this one launches it's head like a cannon). Kazuma arrives to save the day, and tells the two to keep going.

Mass destruction; remnants and humans bonking each other senseless as streets fall apart. The two kids manage to meet Kijima, who laughs at them. After a small discussion, he launches into a long-winded speech about love and hate. While he's yakking, the two quietly sneak away. He notices, but is stopped from ripping them to pieces by a spear tossed at his feet. Chiryuu pops out, and a round of fisticuffs ensues. Takumi has a talk with Hasumi, thanking her for all she's done, and adds that he's doing this for her. He begins to shine with a golden light and begins to float towards the Gate. He is calm and prepared to do his duty. Hasumi screams his name and tries to jump for him. For some reason, her Masamune reappears! Distracted by this, Chiryuu's whapped aside by Kijima, who heads for Hasumi. Hasumi, in turn, whaps him into a building and is about to attack him when Chiryuu tells her to go to Takumi. She does so, leaving Chiryuu to take care of Kijima. Kijima rises from the rubble, and Chiryuu prepares to take him on. He eyes his opponent carefully...

then panics.

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