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A group shot of the main Guardians

JINNO HASUMI: Arguably the main character of this series. Guardian of Takumi (she's also in love with him!) and probably the most powerful Guardian. She has a sword, the Masamune, which she can summon at will, and one of her attacks is the Fiery Tulip Spell. She's the reincarnation of Kairei's guardian, but one senses their feelings ran a bit deeper than that.
[ Her face // As Kairei's guardian in her former life // Go Takumi Go! ]

TAKUMI: The "other" main character; what makes him so important is that he's on the Gateway Campus b-ball team! No, wait... actually, he's The Key. What's important about the Key is that he controls the gateway between the Remnant world and Earth! Under Hasumi's protection, he's more like her little brother, although the roles were a bit different when they were kids. Reincarnation of Kairei, who killed himself in order to seal the Gate (the first time around).
[ Takumi's face // As Kairei]

TENKUU: The school superintendent, and apparently the leader of the Guardians.

3 Guardians: ? You see these guys basically get beat up by Lord McCoy. They're also afraid of Hasumi, because she is, as they say, the "Ally-Killer". Hmmm.

YASHIRO KAZUMA: Basically, he causes Honda a lot of grief, and fights with an nifty yo-yo-on-a-stick that also sprouts a blade. What IS that thing? Off topic, Murasaki tosses out a remark about his being sterile, and judging by his reaction, she's right on the money. He's also the wry, fun-loving type who kids around while he fights; he rather reminds me of Sorata Arisugawa, from X/1999, by CLAMP.
[ Looking surprised // Grinning during his fight with Murasaki ]

CHIRYUU: One word: pervert. Reminds me of Momoru Kusanagi from Blue Seed, due to his fascination (downright obsession is more like it) with gazing at the main character's (in Blue Seed, it was Momiji's. In this case, Hasumi's) undies (underwear no da!). He fights with a javelin-type weapon. He's an android, or a robot, or something... you tell me.
[ Chiryuu enjoying a cold one next to Tenkuu. // Chiryuu's face, complete with his trademark shades ]

AOBA HIME: No, she's not a princess (for non-Japanese speakers, "hime" means "princess"). She likes Takumi, does NOT like Hasumi, and attacks with her baton (she's a cheerleader) and various animal-based attacks. Something with kittens and puppies... Oh, and she's VERY possessive when it comes to Takumi. You'll notice she ALWAYS refers to Takumi as hers.
[ Aoba trying to seduce Takumi. No, it doesn't show anything indecent. Arthur, stop looking hopeful! ]

YASOU HONDA: Hall monitor. He loves his school, and hates Kazuma because ... well, I think it's because Kazuma's the prez and he's not. Attacks with a sai (single, I believe).
[ Honda busts out a can of whoop-ass with his sai ]

JINNO KASUMI: Hasumi's mother. She possesses some rather potent attacks, all Japanese-culture oriented (Housewife's Textured Noodle Attack, Super Ethnic Champion Tabasco Wasabi...).
[ Victory! ]

YUUKA: One of Hasumi's classmates. Short haired, wears glasses.
[ Yuuka ]

MR. RAMEN: One of the citizens residing near Gateway Campus, he attacks with ramen noodles. A member of the Food Court, their motto is, "Food Court Specialty! No empty stomach shall pass!"

MR. LAUNDROMAT: He has a washer strapped on his back, and attacks by tossing Remnants in!


MR. PACHINKO: Attacks with a flood of pachinko balls.

MR. O-DEN: He's the guy that steals Mr. Porno Book's porn. ^_^

MR. ? : Dunno his name, but he attacks with "Bubble Spa".

MR. PLUMBER: Attacks with a plunger.

MR. BANKER: Attacks with an enormous (to quote Arthur, who wrote up the character sheet for me, "big-ass") safe. Basically, he just drops it on 'em and crunch.
[ Mr. Banker puts the smack down on the Remnants! ]

MR. PORNO BOOKS: Take a wild guess. ^_~ He's also a Gen-X'er.

OLD LADY @ THE GROCERY STORE: Attacks with Emergency Monster Projectiles.

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