Note: This summary is REALLY bare-bones (at least, I think so.)...

Thump Thump/Shudder Shudder! The Dangerous Siblings!

It begins with helicopters roaring over a city. While a mystic spell is being cast, a being of unimaginable power breaks free from the rubble. The narrator cuts in to explain a few things about the Remnants, Dark Warriors from another world who were trapped in ours after a war. This war occurred when they poured through a dimensional Gate. To protect our world from another invasion, Gateway Campus was built, and it's students (the Guardians)are it's protectors.

Gateway Campus. Yashiro Kazuma enters a the room looking for Hasumi, who's apparently gone home already. He insists she couldn't have, not without her lover. The other guys basically give him the "oro?" (if you've seen Rurouni Kenshin, you'll know what I mean. -Yusura)... as he continues searching for her, he's yelled at by the irritable Yasou Honda. Just then, a bunch of students scream by on a motorcycle (this is indoors, by the way), startling the two.

Outdoors. An incredibly ugly Remnant called "Lord McCoy" is attacking a group of Guardians, who're apparently being beat pretty badly. As he's calling them dog shit, he's interrupted by said material being tossed in his face. Look! Up a tower! It's a bird! It's a Guardian! It's... *gasp* the great Jinno Hasumi! However, the guys who need rescuing don't take this that well... they actually call her the Ally-Killer. Just goes to show you how a little reputation goes a long way. Anyway, Hasumi gets a bit ticked at this and launches a golden blast of energy. However, not being too focused at this time, she manages to torch not only McCoy but several other innocent bystanders...

Morning. (The art for this section, by the way, is very nice. -Yusura)... Hasumi and her mother, Kasumi, battle for the right to wake up Takumi, Hasumi's brother-but-not-quite-so. Don't ask, it'll be explained later. Well, Kasumi wins (as usual), and she wakes him up (the way she acts is rather... sexual... - Y.) (Notice I decided not to put my entire name now. Just "Y" will do. -Y) ... but anyway... stop leering, you guys. Hasumi and Takumi (dammit, all their names rhyme!!!) head for the bus, and around this point you should have figured out that Hasumi likes Takumi. I mean, not just likes. Like-likes. You know?... Maybe not.

School. A dance. Lights, music, and some... er... *cough cough* sashaying booty. Uh... Well, Kazuma (who else? - Y) is apparently running this show, and "it's got the president's support!"... which, of course, it doesn't. Honda arrives to let this fact be known, but ... well... he doesn't really get anywhere. Meanwhile, Hasumi's in that sighing-I-wish-he-loved-me kind of mood about Takumi. While fantasizing(?), she discovers Mr. Pervert himself, Chiryuu-sempai, looking up her skirt. She whacks him a bit. After giving her a serious, no-goofishness warning that the Remnants will make their move soon, he returns to his perverse self. She, of course, does not take kindly to this and whacks him off into the distance.

Four remnants (among them my favorite, Murasaki-sama... *swoon* -Y) show up at the Campus. While Hasumi fends off Aoba, a really childish, high-pitched voiced, annoying-as-hell-I-just-want-to-squish-her-under-my-thumb cheerleader who wants Takumi very, very literally. While they're glaring at each other, Honda shows up to give Hasumi a lecture. She of course, is preoccupied, having to deal with the Cheerleader from Hell. He finally gets her attention (SD action here)... as the remnants start stirring up trouble. Aoi, one of the Remnants, uses her... uh... well, she does a few things here and there, and the guys are droppin' like flies. (You weak-minded fools! -Y) As she does her stuff, Murasaki takes care of the female side of the opposition. Aoi makes her way to the gym and decides Takumi would be fun. Meanwhile, Honda and his cohorts are yelling at Hasumi, who's busy plucking a pom-pom and going "He loves me... he loves me not." (Babe, it's gonna take awhile... -Y)... Then, battle. And more battle. And even more battle. (Dammit, my ICQ's being dorky again... -Y). Hasumi finally snaps out of her pom-pom plucking and goes to rescue Takumi. (I don't think he needs any rescuin'... he's doing just fine with Aoi... *cough cough*). More battle. And a bit more. Then, Hasumi cuts loose her Ultimate Attack, the Fiery Tulip Spell. Weirdness. To picture this one, think about a Shinkuu-Hadouken (a la Marvel. vs. Capcom) that causes tulips to grow (I told you this series was bizarre!! -Y). The hadouken part of it basically demolishes several school buildings. With a unique victory screen, "Yes! Japan is number one!", the aforementioned buildings fall down. Battle's over. After the two girls, Hasumi and Aoba, thank each other for helping out, they go back to catfighting.

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