The opponents of the Guardians, the Remnants range from the utterly cool to the absolutely bizarre. Most of them have a shapeshifting ability, from Lord McCoy's "Beautiful Iron Fist" (kinda reminds you of Dhalsim) to Murasaki's blade-like hands (very Terminator 2-ish, don't you think?).

Lady Aoi: Hmm. Quite a revealing outfit... ^^; To quote Arthur, "Very sexy". I know what's on his mind... she uses an attack called "Muchi muchi" (literally "Whip whip"), which involves her arm turning into... well... duh, a whip! She also uses her hair (this is pretty generic)... it looks pretty wild.
[ Just her face... don't get all excited, now. // Well... this one shows... *gasp* Her outfit! Oh my god! ]

Lord McCoy: EWW!! EWW EWW EWWWWW!!!!! Muscular, ***UGLY***, dressed in black leather, and he wears white face paint, for chrissake. And all his moves are ... well... you decide. They all involve the word "beautiful". He can stretch like Dhalsim, and has all the brains of a peach.
[ I have no idea why you'd want to see what he looks like, but... ]

Kijima Touta: Leader of the remnants. He looks pretty cool now, but in his past life, he didn't look so great. He's also become a better dresser since then, and his shades just kick all ass. He is really, REALLY powerful. Did I mention he's the guy that Takumi thwarted in the past life?
[ Lookin' cool. ]

Michael Yamada: Ew. Again quoting Arthur, "French womanizer". Yup. That about covers it. He fights with roses and vines, and he actually manages to distract Kasumi with his "charm". Yuck.
[ Like I said, yuck. ]

Murasaki: Easily my favorite Remnant! I love the way she dresses, her hair, her abilities... *siiiigh* Anyway. Her attacks include a mist that literally freezes anything it touches, and she can turn her arms into blades. My favorite color, purple, AND my favorite element, ice! How can I resist raving about her?! ... Anyway. She just RULES.
[ Murasaki's face. // You gotta dig that outfit... // *sigh* She could freeze ME any day... ]

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