People I Know No Da!

Crystal McClure "Miharu", CA: What can I say? I am her bitch. ^_^ I love her dearly.
Steven Ochoa "Hungry Wolf", CA: I have never seen anyone so opposed to shoujo anime. But that don't make him any less my bro!
Karen Guerrerro "Miaka", CA: One word: Miaaaaaaka!!!
Charlene Cho, CA: My super-hyper-genki cousin. Older of the two in the U.S.
Sarah Cho, CA: My other super-hyper-genki cousin. One of two in the U.S.
Clint Bickham "Lord of the Baskarts", TX: He's actually my secret lover.
Mike Corbitt "Rurouni Kenshin", TN: A great friend whom I owe much. Love ya!
Kris Tucker "Kaoru Kamiya", VA: She's been like a mother to me... ^^; I love you.
Robbie Yangchareon "Jiro", CA: Niiiiiiichan!! Let's go to Yaohan today!!!
Raquel Mendoza "Hikaru", CA: Well, you all know how I feel about Hikaru... =^_^=
Uli Mendoza "Tasuki", CA: He's really sweet... and his hair glows in the dark, too.
Frank Ingram "Inuki", ID: Yaaay! I found him!!
Jennifer "Aki no Miko" Allen, CA: Uh... hyper-genki bishonen worshipper. 'Nuff said.
Marcia Ogasawara "Tenkou", Hawaii: Note that I have no idea what the abbreviation for Hawaii is. HA? HW? Himitsu desu...
Tiarra Watz "Marron", NV: This is who I like to bother late at night. ^_^
Karen Olympia "Kourin", CA: Hyperness, the Universal Imouto, and Le Forbidden Pocky Dance all rolled up in one nice package.
Kim "Empress Nemuri", ?: Evil! Evil evil evil! But I love her nevertheless. ^^;
Bbora Park "Rituko", CA: I'm your pimp? What? How'd THAT happen?
Kenny Javakula "Pikachu", CA: If you says "pikachu!" one more time... I love you like a brother, but now you must die!
Benard Ede, CA: He my black brotha. He's also like WAY taller than me...